A downloadable game for Windows

This is a small experimental shmup I made for the CandyJam. :)

I made this in 2 days with the M484 Game Creation System...just mixed all sorts of random assets together, and the end results were quite chaotic. :D

So, take control of the Candy Head and fight candy boxes, candy machines, psychedelic orbs and nasty green flies. And in the end you'll encounter your ultimate nemesis: the "King" himself.

The special feature of the game are the apples: as the scroll progresses, more apples are constantly generated to the screen. You can and should eat them; each gives you 100 points.

Extra lives are awarded at every 15000 points, so 150 apples will give you an extra life...you'll probably need a few of them in order to reach the end.

Also, destroying the candy factories will reveal yellow and red power-up cubes...pick them up to transform into more powerful Candy Head forms.

I hope you enjoy this little candy game saga. :)

And also remember to visit the M484 Games website at: http://m484games.ucoz.com/

Published Jan 26, 2014
Tags2D, apple, candy, crazy, Funny, jam, Retro, shoot, Shoot 'Em Up

Install instructions

The download is a normal .zip file. After downloading just unzip it and you get the actual game folder. :)


Candy Heads.zip 1 MB